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Hello, lovely people! As I am sure you all have noticed, I am not good at making covers. Or artwork. Or any sort of visual piece to go along with a story. Usually I am content to just find a picture from the source material and put it on, but lately I’ve been thinking it might be fun to mix it up. So I’m holding a contest to see about getting some covers made by actual talented people! (That’s you.)

“But Straw!” you might be saying. “What might I win by participating?”

That is an excellent question, sir or ma’am, and to be honest I am not 100% sure how to go about doing this. Last time I held a contest, I only got three entries. I want to wait to announce how the prizes will be distributed until I see how much participation (if any) it will get. If I only get a few, I will give prizes out to the top three covers. If I get a lot of entries, I will give prizes to the selected winner of each category. However, no matter what the prizes will be:

  1. Your cover will be used for the story at any website I post them that uses covers (Quotev and Deviantart) with credit and a link to your account on whatever website you want credited on.
  2. You will get a one shot of at least 1000 words of whatever you want, so long as it’s a fandom I’m familiar with. That means you can ask for OCxCanon, OCxOC, CanonxCanon, self-insert, AU, literally whatever. The sky is the limit. You can even tell me what you want the story to be about!
There are only a few rules you are required to follow:
  1. I will only give out prizes for covers for the following stories:
      Adventures in a Realm Without Divorce Court Brightest Just a Myth Logical Fallacy Natasha Romanoff’s Matchmaking Service Oh My Dear Tastes a Little like Freedom, a Little like Fear
  2. One entry per person per story. You can submit one for each if you want, but no submitting three for one story.
  3. NO STOLEN ARTWORK. I don’t care if you draw the cover or photoshop it or anything like that. You can do whatever you want with the actual picture itself, but it must be yours. If I find out that you took the art from somewhere else on the internet without permission, then every entry you have will be disqualified. Obviously you can use stock images all you want, or official pictures from the original work itself—but don’t go snagging someone else’s drawing and slapping a title on at the top.
  4. All entries due by 7/1/2016.
That’s it! All you have to do is put something together, then post a link on this journal entry before 7/1/2016. I’ll try to announce the winners by 7/8/2016.

Thank you for your consideration!


Once upon a time, in a tiny realm known as Midgard, there lived a girl. This girl, of course, was you, and you lived as many young women at the time did during that Age of Miracles. None of these miracles ever happened to you. There were no fish oil transformations on your horizon, nor were there any divine calls to adventure. Just like all New Yorkers, you grew use to your daily commute being interrupted by superheroes, to calling insurance companies to argue over their decision to not pay for alien invasion damage to your apartment, and even to carrying an umbrella around with you even on the driest of days in case certain Asgardians decided to visit. Life went on. You had stopped looking for a real miracle years ago.

As well you should have, because there was nothing miraculous about your wedding day. Outside, a seemingly endless of mass dark gray clouds let loose bucket after bucket of rain. Thunder rolled across the sky; lightning flashed—and that, really, was all you could see through the windowpane you had stationed yourself in front of to sulk. If you hadn't known any better, you’d have blamed the city’s resident Thunder God for the disastrous timing of this storm front. As it was, all you could blame was your string of bad luck.

Speaking of bad luck, the door to your parlor snapped open and in stepped the dripping figure of your best friend. Aliyah paused only long enough to shove some wet strands of hair back underneath her pink hijab before plopping soggily onto an overstuffed loveseat. “Well, the gazebo is flooded,” she announced. “The food is soaked through, and the caterer won’t bring more to replace it. Your flower arrangements are in pieces, and the band already ran off. I don’t think there’s anything left of your wedding ceremony.”

You did not bother to leave the window, though you did turn just far enough to throw your her a sour look. “Do you have any good news to impart?” you asked. Aliyah grinned.

“Your maid of honor hasn’t walked out yet. At least there will be one person here to witness this fiasco.”

“Gonna need a groom for anything to be witnessed.”

Most close friends would offer sympathy when their friend’s fiancé of a year and a half decided to just not show up for the actual wedding. Most acquaintances would feel bad enough when the carefully planned event got rained out. Not your Aliyah. She simply let out a sharp breath, and leaned her head back against the couch cushion.

“Can’t say I didn’t warn you,” she said. You glared at her, which of course she didn’t see, having shut her eyes to listen to the water tumble from the roof to the street outside.

“Thank you. So much.”

“What?” she asked, forcing her eyes open again. “I told you Jared wasn’t good enough for you. Besides, you get to keep all the gifts even if he doesn’t stop by. I saw, like, nine blenders in that pile. You’re better off this way, if you ask me.”

“You’re just saying that because you want a free blender,” you said. Aliyah grinned.

“I wouldn’t say no. But, really, you should count your lucky stars. Free stuff, and free of your jackass boyfriend. What better start to a weekend?”

“I’d rather be married to my jackass boyfriend.”

Aliyah’s disdain for Jared was nothing new or surprising. He’d fallen from grace in her eyes when he’d got jealous over your fondness for an injured pigeon you’d rescued only a few months after you started dating Jared. Even releasing the bird hadn’t entirely put an end to his complaints about how you spent your free time. On the other hand, you knew one thing that neither Aliyah nor Jared did: Jared’s jealousy wasn’t entirely misplaced. But that was years ago. This was now. And that bird had always been bad news.

“Are you going to cry about it?” Aliyah asked, peering over at your perch by the parlor’s bay window. “Because if not, I’d hate to have dragged Habib all the way to America for nothing.”

At the mention of her long-distance boyfriend, you motioned for Aliyah to go on. You preferred to do your moping alone, and Aliyah knew it. She gave you a quick hug before she left without another word. Probably you did owe your maid of honor at a least a blender for all the trouble she’d been through on your behalf.

Sighing, you lifted one hand, dug your fingers into your hair, and tore out what was holding it in its elaborate design. Who cared what you looked like now? Even if stupid Jared had shown up, the storm would have ruined your appearance before you made it down the aisle. Now Aliyah had free rein to spend the rest of her afternoon cuddling with Habib and you had no one else to bother looking pretty for.

Outside your empty room, you could hear the indistinct muttering of your remaining guests. Family, mostly, who had already given up trying to convince you to let them in. What the rest of them were waiting for before they left, you couldn’t guess. Perhaps for you to come out and make an official announcement: The wedding has been called off. Party’s over. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. And thanks for all the blenders.

The shame of your situation suddenly threatened to crash down upon you. It would have, if you had remained sitting where you were. Instead, you stood, white dress rustling as you stalked across the room. A quiet shriek of rage was stifled only by your gloved hand pressed to your colored lips. Of all the pathetic, idiotic, insane things you had done in your life! Now you didn’t even have the courage to face your friends and family with the truth.

“Tap. Tap. Tap.”

Hail began to hit the glass behind you, soft and hesitant. Since you had no plans to leave the building any time soon, you ignored this weather development.

Jared hadn’t even called to say he’d changed his mind. You should have known when he hadn’t come home after his stag party the night before. He was probably laughing it up over your stupidity with some blonde bikini babe by the beach that you were supposed to go to for your honeymoon. The thought caused you to kick out angrily at the coffee table, and you heard a quiet rip issue from your skirt in response when it caught on a corner. You swore.

”Tap. Tap. Tap.”

Really, the sound wasn’t regular enough to be hail. It wasn’t very hesitant anymore either. Still, you ignored the noise as you yanked off your veil, your gloves, and your garter. You were mentally preparing to rip them all to shreds with your fingernails when you heard it again:
“Tap. Tap. Tap.”

That time, you did not suppress your shriek. With it, you marched over to the window and shoved it open. The wind whistled through the empty space, sending anything in the room not tied down into the air, and splattering your face with water. If ever there was a time to reasonably expect an Asgardian thunder god to step inside, it was then. No one was there, though, save for a single bedraggled pigeon.

“Oh, hello,” you said when it hopped onto the sill, and automatically you held out your cupped hands toward it. The poor thing shivered once, then stepped onto your warm palms. Only when it looked up into your face did you see that it had bright green, very un-pigeon-ish eyes.

Before you could stuff the bird back outside, it lifted itself into the air to half-flutter, half-fly over to the loveseat Aliyah had been sitting on. A flash of light that had nothing to do with the lightning outside filled the room. When you had blinked and cleared your vision enough that you could see again, the pigeon was gone, and in its place reclined a tall, dark-haired, beautiful man, dressed to the nines in Asgardian fashion.

“Hello, darling,” said Loki Laufeyson. “Don’t you look ravishing?”

You were too shocked to contradict him. No mention of your torn dress, mussed hair, or smeared makeup escaped your lips. Instead, you said the only thing you could in that sort of situation: “What are you doing here?”

“Why, I’m here to offer you my congratulations, of course,” he answered, examining one perfectly manicured nail. “Or should it be my condolences?”

“Really?” Your tone dripped with enough sarcasm that it could be heard over the protesting window as you forced it shut. “You disappear for two years, never write, never visit, and then you just happen to pop by to celebrate my wedding to another man?”

“What kind of secret lover would I be if I did not?”

“We are not secret lovers.”

“Well, no, we haven’t been for quite some time. I see no reason why that should stop us from picking up right where we left off, however.”

“We were never secret lovers.”

Really?” he said, mocking the tone of your earlier question. “That’s not what it seemed like to me. Of course, I had the brain of a pigeon most of the time, but at night when your beau had to work and leave you so very alone—”

“You can’t just show up out of the blue and expect me to want you again,” you interrupted. “And on my wedding day to boot.”

To his credit, Loki looked genuine confused by your behavior—like he’d expected you to jump straight into his arms, marriage or no. Obviously, they did things differently in Asgard. You were not Asgardian. “Fine,” he said. “If that’s the way you want it. I was only trying to thank you for helping me, you know.”

“All I did was take in a pigeon that got injured when Thor threw a bunch of peanuts at a flock. It didn’t really deserve that sort of thanking.”

“Ah, but you enjoyed it anyway.” That wasn’t the point. He knew it wasn’t the point just as well as you did, because once he made it, he got fluidly up to his feet to and walked over to stand in front of you. “If you are that disinclined to see me, I suppose I had better get going. If you ever grow tired of being lonely again—oh, that’s right. You don’t know how to contact me.”

You opened your mouth to remind Loki that you didn’t want to contact him, but then something about Loki’s words rang strange. “Alone?” you echoed.

“Yes, alone. Or do you expect your prince charming to come riding up on a horse of white any second now? Better late than never?”

Without thinking, without warning, you slapped him straight across the face.

“Ow!” he snapped, pressing one of his hands to the mark on his face. “What was that for?”

“What did you do?” you demanded, lifting your hand for another blow. “What did you do to Jared?”

“Me? Do something to Jared? What should I have to do with that ponderous ass?”

“Did you kill him, Loki?” you asked, voice quavering. Loki could do it. Easily. He was a god, and Jared just…well, just a ponderous ass. Loki let out a single bark of laughter.

“Oh, please. I just got out of Asgardian prison. As if I’d risk going back over the murder of a petty moral such as he.”

That brought you up short. Frowning, you deigned to look at him again. “Prison?”

“Yes, prison. Did you think my absence was due to taking a pleasure cruise?”

“I thought you’d escaped prison when I found you the first time.”

“But you sent me back to Asgard when I started causing trouble," he reminded you. "Odin does not forget his son’s crimes easily, nor is he inclined to forgive them. Luckily my brother is far easier to manipulate."

He had not, you noticed, made any real move to leave. Loki still stood in front of you, looking down as the pink handprint faded from his cheek.

“So…you didn’t kill my fiancé?” you asked uncertainly. He shook his head.

“If he isn’t here, it is because he is a dunce, not because I tricked him in any way.”

“Oh.” All the problems of your appearance seemed at once apparent and embarrassing. To think that this man would see you in such a state, and only because he’d wanted to see you after his release from jail. “Why did you really come, then? Since you knew he wasn’t here. To gloat?”

“The thought did occur to me,” Loki confessed. “I am not often in the position of being the more desirable choice. But,” here his voice turned oddly sincere, “I actually came to ask you to come with me.”

Your mouth fell open. Some of Loki’s usual acerbic amusement returned as he watched you flounder; you could see the faint outlines of his familiar smirk at the corners of his mouth. Finally, you managed a short, “go with you where?”

He shrugged, and started to twist the curtain in between his long, pale fingers. “I don’t know, really.”

“You want me to go somewhere with you without anywhere in mind?”

“I thought we’d figure it out as we went along,” he said. “Travel the galaxies. I cannot return to Asgard and Midgard, of course, is out of the question so long as I do not rule it.”

“You want me to follow you into outerspace?” Only his silence could tip you off that Loki was actually nervous. He clearly had no idea how you would respond to his suggestion—which was by falling into a nearby chair to gape at him. “You want me to leave my family?”

“They live far away and hardly talk to you.”

“And my job?”

“That you’ve never liked. We’re both aware.”

And my best friend?”

“She spends most of her time visiting mosques in India with her boyfriend,” Loki said with a dismissive flick of his hand. “Besides, there’s no rule to say we can’t come back to visit her every so often. I have no objection. She seems a sensible enough woman.”

“And you want me to leave them all,” you went on as though you couldn’t hear him, “for you, a man I haven’t seen in years because he was in prison.”

Once more, Loki said nothing. His green eyes peered into yours with unreadable depths, just as they had the unfortunate day you had returned home after to work to find your injured pigeon friend gone and a strange man eating all of the meat out of your fridge in its place. You could remember, too, the feel of that man’s skin against yours, the heat of his lips on your neck, the sound of his low voice in your ear—and Jared complaining, always complaining, about how much time you spent with that damn bird.

You buried your face in your hands. “I can’t do it, Loki. I can’t.”

You waited to hear him leave again, to hear the glass move and the rush of the storm and the flutter of wings. None came. All that did was one soft word: “Please.”


When you looked up, Loki was right above you. His hands gripped the chair arms at your sides with enough force to make them whiter than ever—but his eyes were not on yours anymore. “Please,” he said, “I don’t want to lose you, too.”

Another move without thinking or warning: you gently touched his other cheek. Loki’s eyes closed for a half second before he moved one hand to hold your wrist there. “I have already lost my father, my mother, my home. My own brother has thrust me unceremoniously from both realms I sought to rule. And then to hear that I would lose you, too, to an oaf like that Jared.”

No one could say that Loki losing all of this wasn’t entirely his fault. He had decided to lead an alien invasion into Earth, to try murdering several members of his mentioned family, and to seduce young Earth women under the guise of hurt animals. But part of Loki’s charm was that he never failed to make one doubt that he could be better, maybe, if you only let him try.

“I’m sorry,” you said sincerely. A sincere apology didn’t mean your mind was changed, however, and this, also, Loki knew.

“Do you want me to beg?” he asked. “I am no longer a stranger to begging.”

With that, Loki slid to the wooden floor before you. Stranger or no, it was positive it wasn't a position relished being in, what with how stiff his hands were around yours when he made to hold them. He swallowed, took a deep breath, and began:

“I know I am asking a lot. But I, too, have lost a family, a job, and my closest friends. I would not ask you to come with me if I did not intend on paying you pack ten times in kind. If you will allow me to take you with me, I know I can make you happier than you would be here. Together we will find some place to call our own, and you shall be my queen. So please,” he said, “please let me keep one last thing that I love. Don’t make me leave you behind, too.”

It wasn’t the prettiest speech you had ever heard come out of his mouth, but it was probably the most honest. You gave him a tiny smile as you squeezed his hands in return. “A queen, huh?”

Loki smirked. “Or a comfortable, quiet living. Depending on what we find, and how thorough Thor is in seeking me out. At least, we could be comfortable and quiet for a little while.”

“Can’t imagine that’s going to last long with you around,” you observed.

“With you around to look after me, though…”

That got you to laugh. “Oh, yes, I’m sure I’d do a wonderful job making sure you didn’t get into any trouble. I did such a good job before.”

Some of the color returned to Loki’s features. He was starting to hope. Against your better judgement, so were you. A couple of things, however, remained to bother you: “What if you came here and Jared and I were married?” you asked.

“Then I would have had to resort to kidnapping.”

“And how did you even know I was getting married today to begin with?”

He smiled his Cheshire smile, and that was when you knew you were truly lost. “You really ought to stop talking to the birds on your fire escape. You never know which one would be willing to pass information off in exchange for a couple of peanuts.”

“Oh, and you stalk me. What part of this deal doesn’t sound good?”

“None of it, I should hope.” Standing, Loki kept one hand firmly around one of yours. “We should go, you realize. Unless you want to say your goodbyes?”

You thought of your parents blustering about how you dared to invite both of them to your wedding. You thought of the forlorn apartment you shared with a man that had never really loved you enough. You thought of Aliyah and her instance that Jared would never be good enough for you. You thought of the awkward explanation that would be expected as soon you set foot outside that door—and you grinned. “Not a chance.”

“Then I believe,” he said, and abruptly pulled you into his arms in an obvious parody of carrying a bride before pushing the window open with his boot, “we have a few errands to go on before we get on our way.”

“Like what?”

“Unless you plan to live the rest of our lives with nothing but multiple blenders,” he began, but was not able to finish over your sudden laughter and the return of the torrent outside. You latched your hands behind his neck as he dove back into the rain. There were stars somewhere above those clouds, and you would be visiting them soon enough—them, and endless other realms. Maybe eloping with a man that could turn into a pigeon wasn’t the best miracle there ever was on Midgard, but it pulled off the most important trick of them all: against all odds, you lived happily ever after.

Loki LaufeysonxReader: A Bird in the Hand
Written for the March 2016 fic trade for Lunaescence Archives.

Recipient: Symphonic Fantasia
Prompt: "Please, I don't want to lose you, too."
Word count: 1000-2000+ 
Pairing: Loki LaufeysonxReader

I feel like I have written everything I could write about Loki for this prompt. Everything. That is why this took me so long to write: I was trying to think of something creative. Originally it was going to be a full-length fairy tale, but given that the last chapter fic trade response I did still isn't finished yet, this got cut down for time. Which means you get to miss my (not) hilarious reference to the comic panel that gave me the inspiration for this. It's probably more uniform tone-wise without it, but boy howdy that comic makes me chuckle. 

Anyway, here's to hoping this is decent. Hope you enjoy!

Keyblade Knighthood sounded pretty magical to young girls on distant worlds, visited suddenly by men in white to tell these children that they were destined for greater things. Your head was sill spinning with dreams and ideas by the time your parents had you packed up and shipped off to the Land of Departure. As it turned out, magic was a part of Keyblade Knighthood, but so were sweat and tears and a whole lot of lectures about the nature of light and dark.

At the age of sixteen, all of those things seemed commonplace. Your visions of traversing galaxies and saving the day no longer plagued you—at least, nearly not as often or as badly as your many nights of cramming for surprise tests on spells. As it turned out, being a knight was about as tedious as any other occupation might have been back on your home world, with the one exception of a certain someone you wouldn’t have met if you had stayed on your home world.

“Oi, [Name]! What’re you doing?” called a masculine voice from behind you. You turned quickly away from the courtyard fountain to glare at the owner of the voice. How had Terra even found you here? Ignoring the fact that the Land of Departure was the size of a flea, you meant.

“I’m taking a break,” you answered as he approached. The look on his face did not bode well for said break, you could tell that already. It had not been all that long ago that you’d finally managed to escape Terra and now here he was all over again. Sure enough, his smile only grew when he got to the space in front of you to grab your hand.

“You can’t take a break yet,” he said. “We’re not finished.”

A groan escaped you before you could stop it. Since the cat of your lack of enthusiasm was out of the bag (if it had ever been in the bag to begin with), you tugged your hand free of Terra’s to sink onto the fountain’s rim. You pressed your face into your palms, then said in a muffled voice, “I’m done, Terra.”

As usual, he was prompt with his rebuttal: “Come on. Don’t be like that.”

With a snort, you forced your head up to look at him. The battle was lost the second your eyes met his, but it would be better for everyone involved if Terra didn’t find that out. His ego was huge enough as it was. “Don’t be like what?” you sighed. This was one of your many mistakes. Maybe if you hadn't asked, you would have been permitted to spend the rest of the day alone. Terra grinned before plopping down next to you, careful to shove you over as he did so. Needless to say, this did not improve your mood. Neither did his answer:

“Like you always are.” He must have been able to feel your annoyance because he bumped his shoulder against yours as he went on, “Aqua, Ven, and Master Eraqus won’t be home for another few hours. Don’t you want to have something to show for our time when they get back?”

“Honestly? I’d rather sleep while Master isn’t around to wake me up with reminders about how the Darkness is lazy. Don’t you ever get tired?” After all, he’d woken you up at the crack of dawn not for breakfast, not to watch the sunrise, but to declare that you would be spending all day together…training. Not exactly the most romantic day alone with Terra you could imagine.

“How can I?” he asked. “Our Mark of Mastery exam is coming up! Just two more weeks. I don’t understand how you can sleep at all.”

Unfortunately, the due date was accurate. Finally, you were close enough to visiting home that you could practically taste it—if you could pass your test, that was. “I’m trying not to think about it,” you said tersely. This only caused Terra to turn the force of his encouragement up another dozen notches. He was on his feet again quicker than you could blink, and smiling like the sun once more.

“Nothing for you to be worried about,” he said. “Not if you help with me sparring this afternoon, anyway. What if I fail because I didn’t get enough practice? Do you really want that on your conscious?”

Another dramatic groan was your reply, but you also stuck both your arms out in front of you. “Fine, but only until the others come home for dinner. I’m not staying up until midnight stabbing at you with a stick again.”


Terra grabbed your hands with no further prompting, and soon you were flying after him, laughing as you raced back toward the training field and away from the cobblestone fountain where you had gone to avoid him in the first place. After a morning of mock fighting, you were already scraped up, singed, and in dire need of a cure spell. If there was one person in the multiverse that you would willing go another round with in this condition, it was Terra. No one else could get you to enjoy all the dodging and ducking and lunging. Only him.

“Don’t go easy on me,” he reminded you as you both took up your positions for what felt like the hundredth time that day alone.

“I never do,” you said, picking up your lovingly-crafted wooden keyblade, then swinging at him without warning. The sparring session started up just where the last one ended.

Aqua, Terra, and Ventus were your three closest friends. They had to be; there were no other children in the Land of Departure, and you had left those of your childhood on your home world years ago. Between you and Terra, though, things were different. You didn’t quite understand how. All you did know was that you didn’t hold hands, sit close, or fall asleep on the floor together after a long night of studying with Aqua or Ven—and you were pretty sure Terra didn’t either. Whatever you had with him, it wasn’t easily defined, perhaps because you had a sinking suspicion Master Eraqus wouldn’t be happy if you tried.

But that was what you were working toward, wasn’t it? Just a few more days, and you could leave, see your parents again, travel the world with Terra at your side, and never hear another lecture on emotions from your master. If that was your reward, then a handful of hours more of Terra and you beating each other black and blue didn’t seem so bad.


You froze as Terra dropped to the grassy ground, clutching at his own wrist.

“Terra!” Your practice blade was tossed aside with little ceremony as you crouched next to your partner. He shot you a thin smile, which only served to make you frown before gently helping him to his feet. “You okay?”

“Fine.” He laughed at look on your face. “Really, [Name]. I think you sprained my wrist.”

When he lifted his arm, you saw that Terra’s wrist was indeed swollen and red. Maybe the right reaction would have been to fuss over his injury. Instead, you let go with a scowl. “Me? You sprained your wrist, you big baby. I didn’t ask to have another go.”

“Baby,” Terra repeated indignantly. You stuck your nose in the air and turned your back on him.

“I thought you’d been seriously hurt,” you said. “How do you expect to earn your Mark of Mastery if you fall over crying because you hurt your wrist?”

The thing was, you knew Terra was teasing you. Much to Master Eraqus’ chagrin, you had never grown into the ideal, serene keyblade-wielder that Aqua had. No one knew that better than Terra. He loved to get a rise out of you, especially when your instructor wasn’t around to correct either of your behaviors. You really had been worried about hurting him, though, so when he sighed and put his uninjured hand on your shoulder, you still weren’t in any hurry to forgive him.

“Okay, okay. It did hurt, but look. All I need is you to cure me, and I’ll be good as new.”

This you pretended to consider and reject in due course. “No.”


“No,” you said again, twisting around to face him. He looked just as shocked as you had expected him to, which was something of a thrill. As tempting as it was to crack a smile, however, you decided to continue teasing him for just a little while longer.

“But how can I train with a sprained wrist?” he protested.

“Heal it yourself.”

“I can’t even hold my keyblade!”

“Good. Maybe I can get a break from fighting you for a few days.”


Finally, a smile broke out wide across your face. Now Terra simply looked bewildered as he watched you double over with laughter. “I’m kidding, Ter!” This confession appeared to do little to impress him. Still grinning, you held out one hand. “Give me your arm.”

“I don’t think I want to anymore.”


“Fine.” Sure, he frowned when he gently plopped his arm back into your grip, but you could tell he was just playing, too. But his playing had never brought him quite so close to you before—at least, not his face. Summoning your keyblade forgotten, you stared up at him, into those familiar blue eyes. Terra cocked his head slightly to the side, obviously confused by your lack of action. You opened your mouth to say something, but you were thinking too hard to actually speak.

Without actively making the decision, you made the decision. It must have been pure instinct driving you to jump forward to get your lips against his, since you certainly didn’t have anyone else around to teach you the finer points of kissing. You figured it couldn’t be too difficult a skill to master—no more difficult than Aero, surely—when you felt Terra’s soft lips meet yours. Unfortunately, you misjudged how much power to put behind your leap. The next thing you felt was a sharp pain on your mouth.


It was not just Terra that collapsed to the ground this time. Tears streaming down your cheeks, you clutched at your bleeding lips…and heard, from somewhere behind you, the distinct sound of Terra’s laughter. You whirled around to see him laughing. Laughing! At your first kiss! He only laughed harder at your expression of horror.

“I think—I think you sprained my lips!” he managed to choke out between guffaws.

Sure enough, your life was so un-magical that even your first kiss had to turn out to be a dud. Hadn’t Master Eraqus seen to that the first day he met you? And your master didn’t stop his attempts at life ruining there. Upon arriving home and finding you and Terra in such a condition, he set Aqua and Ven to healing up Terra while you accompanied your teacher to an empty classroom for a long talk on “the birds and the bees.” If Terra thought he’d be getting another try at kissing you after he managed to dodge that bullet, well…he had another think coming.

TerraxReader: Sprain
Part 44 of 160 of The Space Between Stars, my reader-insert one shot request booklet. 

I tried to make the reader different than the one in the other TerraxReader one shot I wrote way back when. I haven't played the game in like four years, though, so my memory is a little hazy...

I'm going to level with you folks: I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. Writing several thousand words a week for a paltry one review per chapter (if that) for anything I attempt to update just isn't worth it. I've tried really hard not to be one of those authors that complains about reviews my entire 12 years of writing fan fic, but it is starting to get really disheartening. I know I have a lot to work on, but I also know I'm a good writer. It might just be time for me to give up the ghost and try writing another novel and seeing if I can't go somewhere with my skill. I thought I could at least try to finish my current projects first. I'm not so sure at this rate. I think it's really starting to show in the lackluster one shots here lately that I just cannot bring myself to expend extra time rewriting anymore.

And it wouldn't be to punish people; it might just be that what I write isn't in vogue like it used to be. I've never been a big name writer even on Lunaescence, but I still used to at least do steady business. It's also something I've been thinking about for quite some time now, several months at least. Just, you know, if I disappear, then at least some people know where I went (if indeed anyone reads this author's note or one shot at all). 

Terra was requested by Heather Wilmoth on Quotev.

Next up is Kyouya Otori. Maybe.

Any Hobbit worth their salt could recite upon command any number of stories about far-off lands and daring adventures. Children might shudder in their beds thinking of shadowy forests filled with creeping spiders; even adults could blanch over news of wolves spotted near Buckland. But that was all such tales were in the end: distant news and exciting fiction, meant to entertain and never touch the listeners. Nothing could ever really involve the Shire. The people of Hobbiton were free to continue their vicarious quests—until one day such a quest did involve the Shire.

“I already told you, Otho, I don’t have a mountain of gold hidden away to give to you. I’m certain that if I did, there would be nothing left after I was forced to buy back my home and all my possessions.”

You looked up from your work behind the counter to see one Bilbo Baggins sitting at a table across the room. He had a mug of ale clutched in one hand, and a look of polite distaste upon his face. Getting a good look at his drinking companions, you couldn’t say you blamed him. Otho and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins were not your favorite customers when they were minding their own business. Throw in harassing other patrons, and you couldn’t help but shoot them an ugly look of your behind their backs.

Normally, you would have tried to throw them out. Now that you were in serious competition with your younger brother over the inheritance of the inn, however, you decided it would be better not to make a scene. ‘A patron is a patron, so long as they’ve got gold to spend,’ as your father had reminded you since you’d started working at The Green Dragon in your tweens. Apparently your brother had no trouble remembering this, though you suspected his good memory was because he didn’t spend much of his time on the clock doing any work, and not because he lacked any hint of your admirable temper.

“[Name], quit lollygagging. Table 8 wanted supper fifteen minutes ago,” your father called over the usual evening hubbub preventing you from eavesdropping further on Bilbo and his guests. You flashed your haggard father a grin, picked up a waiting tray of food, and dove back into the throng.

The Green Dragon had been owned by your family since it had been built several generations ago. Sometimes you got the feeling your father would have gladly given up five square meals a day to be rid of the responsibility of running the place. Not so you. Working at the inn made you come alive more than any other place in the whole of the Shire. You had been hanging around it since were old enough to follow your father to work as a youth, and working there since you were bold enough to convince your father to give you a job. By necessity, you knew every nook and cranny, every regular’s name, and every story ever told by the fireplace.

Except, that was, for Bilbo’s. Even knowing that the mere sight of Otho and Lobelia would anger you, you sneaked another peek over at their table as you set the food down on a table surrounded by ravenous tweens. Sure enough, the trio was still there. Bilbo’s polite façade appeared to be fading quickly as he listened to whatever Lobelia was ranting about this time.

“[Name],” whined one of the tween boys, “you’re in the way.”

You hastily removed your hand before any of them could mistake it for part of their meal. Your constantly hungry youth wasn’t so far behind you that you had forgotten what it felt like.

“Make sure to pay before you leave this time,” you scolded. “Don’t want me to have to talk to your parents again, do you?”

None of them replied. With a deep breath and a roll of your eyes, you turned away. Before you lay a buzzing dining hall. Hobbits laughed and ate and drank in seemingly every inch of the building. It warmed your heart to see so many happy people enjoying your family’s business. All except for Bilbo, of course, who had dismissed faking politeness entirely and was now staring grumpily into the space about his relatives’ heads as they prattled on about whatever it was they had a bone to pick about that night.

Before you could even attempt to interrupt the conversation, your father caught your eye and motioned impatiently at the growing assortment of food and drink waiting to be delivered. Sighing, you picked your way back to the bar, progress hindered by the many customers that stopped you to say hello. The conversation at Bilbo’s table had grown quite lively by the time you arrived at the bar to pick up another order.

Truth be told, Bilbo’s fascinating disappearance and reappearance were not the only things about him that kept you looking at him. Neither were his rumored riches; you planned to take over the Dragon and raise your own small fortune, after all. Bilbo had, in fact, always interested you. He had had his own schedule before he’d left the Shire, coming in once a week to drink and listen to the same old stories you did day after day. Always polite, that Bilbo, if admittedly not forcibly friendly like most of the others. You had never had to throw him out for poor behavior, at any rate.

That night was the first night he’d been back to the inn after all his time away. You’d been dying to talk to him since the minute you saw him walk through the door. Between your job and the Sackville-Bagginses, you hadn’t had a chance.

Then an idea occurred to you—a wonderful, terrible, perfect idea. Before any of your fellow workers could guess that you were up to something, you filled your tray with the waiting glasses of ale. Your plan might not have had the best timing, considering the dinner rush and how flustered your father had already become, but he would have to do without you. You were only one hobbit, and if your father truly believed passing the Green Dragon onto your brother (who was, as usual, suspiciously absent that evening), then what good was your working your fingers to the bone to please people?

You turned and marched purposely toward the table at which Bilbo, Lobelia, and Otho sat. As you drew nearer, you could understand why Bilbo looked as pained as he did.

“As far as I’m concerned, you forfeited your right to Bag End when you left without saying a word and without electing an heir. The hole is ours,” Otho was saying.

“Is it,” said Bilbo. Lobelia gave him a very nasty, almost un-hobbotish look.

“You clearly aren’t right in the head anymore. Dragons? Dwarves? Why don’t you just admit you got into some messy business with that Gandalf fellow and step aside for Otho to be head of the family?”

“Difficult to do when I’m not at all mad, my dear Lobelia. For why should you think I had gold to spare if I never had my grand adventure?”

“You’re a fool,” she said, “a fool and perhaps even a criminal. We could go over your head, Bilbo. Mark my words.”

“Consider them marked. Now if you’ll excuse me…”

“We aren’t done here,” Otho growled, getting up to follow Bilbo away from the table.

’Oh, yes you are,’ you thought. Just as Otho reached over to pull Bilbo back into his seat, you arrived along with half the dining hall’s drinks. Otho standing up actually provided you with the perfect opportunity. All you had to do was angle your feet just right, and—

Lobelia’s scream was what told you that you had succeeded. Your staged trip and fall had managed to tip all the ale over to spill over the Sackville-Baggginses heads. There they sat, dripping in abject shock, as Bilbo stood staring on in astonishment.

“Oh no!” you squealed dramatically. “Did I do that? I’m ever so sorry. I’m such a klutz!”

With a lurch toward Lobelia, you made to press a towel to her sopping hair. She, however, flinched away, before turning the full brunt of her wrath on you.

“You-You-You,” she said. Apparently, your act had rendered her unable to form complete sentences. This unforeseen bonus didn’t last long; before you could so much as attempt to offer a fake apology, Otho got in your face.

“I’ll have your job for this, girl,” he said, and any desire to apologize, falsely or otherwise, vanished. You hooked a thumb over your shoulder toward where you’d last seen your father running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

“Boss is that way,” you said.

The two left without more than several stolid glares in your direction. You watched only long enough to see your father shoot you a knowing, aggrieved look when the Sackville-Bagginses approached him. Shrugging, you turned away. Well, it was difficult to feel sorry for him. If he really wanted a supper rush without incident, he really ought to have forced your brother to show up for his shifts every once and awhile, especially if you were expected to give up your inheritance without a fight.

All the same, you knew better than to leave a mess behind. You began to pick up the (thankfully unbroken) glasses littering the table and were almost finished by the time Bilbo spoke:

“Thank you.”

You had assumed Bilbo had taken the opportunity to escape your inn entirely, actually. His voice surprised you, and even more so that he was standing exactly where you’d left him. “You don’t need to thank me for being clumsy,” you answered, then smiled mischievously at his blank expression. “It looked like you could use a rescue. Those two shouldn’t bother you again tonight.”

Thank you,” he said with more feeling. You smiled again.

“It’s your first time back since your adventure. Wouldn’t want you spooked off forever.”

Much to your confusion, Bilbo hesitated before he replied. His eyes slid toward the door and back to you, and then he took a wide step backward. “Right,” he said. “All the same, I think I had better get going.”

As you looked on, Bilbo began to shuffle toward the front door. You realized with a jolt exactly what he thought: Bilbo believed you, too, were after his gold. He didn’t exactly look less nervous when you followed after him either.

“That’s a shame,” you said, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear with your hand not carrying a heavy tray of empty cups. “I really was hoping to hear your story.”

That got him to pause as well. “You…were?”

“Sure. Dwarves and dragons and spiders and elves. Sounds better than half of the stories the rest of them have been telling all week. I'm getting a little tired of the time the creek froze over and let the wolves in, personally. ”

“Mine is a rather exciting tale,” Bilbo confessed, then seemed to decide you weren’t so frightening that he couldn’t size you up. “And you are?” he asked.

“[Name],” you said. “My dad owns the place.”

At that, a look of slight disappointment crossed his face. You didn’t understand it, not until he went on, “Then I suppose you wouldn’t be able to join me at my hole for a cup of coffee and a chat? I'm getting a bit tired of the atmosphere here, but I could do with some company still.”

The words no, not tonight were right on your lips. You couldn’t just abandon the inn, or your father for that matter. But on second thought, why couldn’t you? Really, your brother ought to have been there by now to take over and there were other servers, too, picking their slow ways from table to table. Besides, when was the last time you’d been given a time off, or even a break, for that matter?

“You know what?” you said. “I’d love to.”

“Delightful!” cried Bilbo, and he held out his arm. It took you less than half a second to place your tray on one of the other server’s trays as she passed by. She gave you a wild-eyed, panicked looked, but you did not explain. You’d hear all about your lack of responsibility in the morning once your father discovered you had slipped away. For the time being, you were just like any other hobbit: who cared about work, the inheritance, or the inn when there was such a fine story to hear and such a fine hobbit to tell it? Even as you thought about the lecture you were in for, you couldn't find yourself regretting your decision. Years later while you helped Bilbo pack? You wouldn't regret it then either.

Bilbo BagginsxReader: Save
Part 43 of 160 of The Space Between Stars, my reader-insert one shot request booklet.

All prompts come from the 160 Collective Drabbles challenge by Elsaa on Lunaescence.

First off, I would just like to say that I have nothing personal against Martin Freeman. I'm sure he's a lovely person. It's not his fault I shall soon be inundated with MCU "Johnlock."

This is another one of those one shots that looked super cute in my head, but didn't turn out so cute on paper. Too much backstory! D; But I no longer have blood running through my veins, and instead have 100% pure anxiety, so this one shot is what you get. Otherwise I would never publish anything because I feel like everything I write is completely garbage these days.

Bilbo was requested by lacrimosa on Quotev.

Next up is Terra.

Phil Coulson had seen S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters under innumerable moments of distress over his years working there. Certainly sometimes distress could bring out the best in agents, sometimes even the best in humanity. This time, not so much. The even itself had concluded hours ago, but the entire Hub still rang with the odd silence that had started it. No one moved except for him, and no one spoke but May beside him.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.”

She said this because she believed it. That Phil knew. Normally, he would have listened. He respected May a good deal; she was intelligent, strong, and unafraid of saying what needed to be said. If anyone had a handle on the situation, it was her. This, unfortunately, was the one time he had no choice but to ignore her advice.

“You don’t have to stay,” he answered mildly. May snorted.

“Like hell I don’t have to. You think I’m going to trust Bobbi to watch your back on this one?”

“My back is going to be fine.”

“You say that,” said May, “but I’ll only believe it when I see it.”

“She won’t hurt me.”

May’s eyebrows rose, and for good reason. Two good agent had died that day. Mack would make a full recovery, but only because he was tough. Phil hadn’t been out in the field much before making the decision to go toe to toe with the person who had killed and hurt his team. His companion did not bring any of this up, however. She was well aware that Phil already knew. Instead, May simply allowed him to move forward.

“I’ve got the door,” she said, and added, “be careful in there.”

“You know me. Careful is my middle name.”

He watched just long enough to see her roll her eyes, then turned his attention to the task at hand. Said task was opening a door—a solid, latched door keeping danger away from the rest of the team. Phil knew what lay behind it: a shaking, sobbing, unsettled young woman. He knew because there were about two dozen security cameras trained on her at every minute, and agents whose only task was to watch the video feeds and make an immediate report if anything inside the room changed. He also knew because he knew [F Name] [L Name], perhaps better than he knew anyone else in the entire galaxy.

Already he had put things off too long. With a last steady breath, he pressed his hand to the flat expanse in front of him, approximately where a knob should have been. A line of blue light slid up his palm, then the whole door flashed and dissolved. Phil stepped through the space left behind just before the door rematerialized behind him. He was sealed inside with a woman most people were now calling a monster.

You didn’t look like a monster just then, though. In fact, you didn’t seem as though you noticed Phil was there at all. Your eyes stared unblinkingly at the feet you had pulled up onto the cot. Every few seconds, an agonizingly tremulous breath would shudder out from your lips. Your hair was a mess, your fingernails bloodied, and your cheeks streaked with tears.

Phil cleared his throat. You jumped about a foot in the air. When you had composed yourself enough to look over at him, said composure did not last long. Your face crumpled immediately. Despite how quickly you hid it in your knees, he saw.

“[Name],” he said carefully. A pause. A tremendous sniff. You lifted your head.


“How are you doing?”

Slowly, your eyes drifted away to stare blankly at your toes. “Does it matter?” you asked hoarsely. “How I am?”

Phil glanced behind himself, as though making sure that May really couldn’t hear him. He knew how she felt about the way things were, and Mack, and Bobbi, and Hunter, and most of the rest. But that wasn’t how he felt. Not even close.

“It matters,” said Phil. “Why wouldn’t your feelings matter?”

You didn’t reply, at least not right away. With one arm still wrapped around your knees, you pushed your mass of tangled hair out of your face. “What are you doing here?” you asked.

It wasn’t the answer he expected. It wasn’t even an answer, really. Still he would accept it. You could refuse to look at him all you wanted; you could pretend you were angry and that you didn’t want to see him if you wished. Phil didn’t care, so long as you kept talking. Ideally, he would have called Dr. Garner in to get you to talk. Unfortunately, Dr. Garner really wasn’t an option anymore, was he?

“I thought it would be good to have a little chat.” Your silence was not exactly an invitation to make himself at home in your cell. All the same, he shrugged and leaned against the wall opposite you. “Besides, it’s not the same out there without you.”

Much to Phil’s surprise, you looked surprised. “Don’t say that.”

“Don’t say w—”

“You’re Director. You can’t say things like that about a…about a…”

“About the woman I love?” he suggested.

“About a murderer. I killed those men, Phil. Me. I killed them.” Your voice grew quieter and quieter as you went on; your chin sank to your knees. To Phil, the distance between you and him felt endless. All he wanted was to cross that distance, sit down next to you, and make everything okay again. He was S.H.I.E.L.D. director now. Wasn’t he supposed to have that sort of power? “You were right to leave me in here,” you whispered.

Phil looked sharply over at you. “Leave you in here?”

“When are they going to kill me?”

“Kill you?”

Apparently, you cared nothing for Phil’s obvious distress. You shook your head dazedly and still refused to look at him. “I killed three people today. I killed Mack.”

“Okay, first things first,” Phil started, “you didn’t kill Mack. Mack will survive because he’s always prepared. That’s the great thing about Mack. That’s why I sent him with you. Secondly, why on earth would you think we were about to kill you? Third of all, I did not leave you in here.”

Maybe it wasn’t really fair of Phil to get so frustrated. You were clearly going through a terrible time. He was well aware that it could not have been easy, coming back to base to turn yourself in after what had happened. Knowing that most, if not all, of your friends were frightened and out for blood couldn’t have helped. Yet to find that you lumped him in with the rest hurt. Perhaps that was obvious enough, because you didn’t answer him this time either. All you did was press yourself into a smaller ball.

Sighing, Phil straightened up. “I should have come sooner,” he confessed. “Daisy thought that, considering the circumstances, you might want a bit of space.”

You made a noise at that, but what the noise meant, Phil had no idea. A few moments of absolute silence followed, then you made the noise again. It went on, and on, and on, a dejected, bubbling cry that you couldn’t seem to smother this time around. He took a hesitant step forward, paused, then decided. Staying on the other side of the room wouldn’t do. Not anymore.

The cot creaked as he settled onto it. Most people who wound up in a S.H.I.E.L.D. holding cell weren’t offered comfortable amenities like real beds or real food or real visitors. If Phil could have offered you any of these, he would have. For the time being, all he could do was offer himself, sitting there and listening to you weep. You did not react to his closeness like he had thought you would, not even to shift further away. He did not reach for you, much as he wanted to. Phil simply waited.

“I-I-I didn’t want this,” you moaned, and whether or not you intended him to, Phil heard. “I didn’t want to be Inhuman. I didn’t mean to.”

“Everyone knows you didn’t mean to, [Name].”

“I don’t even kn-know how it happened. I just—got infected”

“The Terrigan Crystals are everywhere now. You could easily have eaten some when no one else was around to notice the change. It’s not your fault.”

You hiccuped, and closed your eyes as though the thought caused you great pain. It probably did. “I never wanted—even if I did, I wouldn’t want this…”

“[Name],” said Phil, “I know.”

Finally, you wrenched your head up so that you could face him. Your eyes appeared scarlet in the dim light—from crying so much, he assumed, not your powers—and snot glistened on your upper lip. Never in his entire life had Phil ever seen anyone look so hopeless. Somehow, he managed to refrain from touching you still.

“I’d be better off dead,” you said brokenly.

Phil’s heart burned inside him. “Daisy had trouble at first, too,” he said. “It’ll take practice, but we’ll figure something out for you. We’ll have Fitz and Simmons rig up a whole training facility. You’ll get used to it. No one will hurt you before then. I won’t let them.”

For a long while, you just stared at him. Quiet tears continued to course down your cheeks, but your gaze was steady. He had a good idea of what you were thinking about while you stared at him: That Daisy’s powers were never like yours, that there was no Afterlife to learn from anymore, that no one on the team or in the entire world would ever look at you as a human being again. But the last was a lie. You were still human, and Phil could see that. Human blood ran through your veins, red as his own, even now.

You did not remark upon any of that, though. Instead, you reached your arms out toward him, and your face crumpled once again. “Hold me,” you murmured.

So Phil did, closing the gap to put his arms around you. You pressed your head to his shoulder, quickly soaking his suit through with tears. He didn’t mind. If that was what it would take, he would hold onto you for the rest of the night and into the morning. No one else would lay a finger on you—not while Phil was there, and he didn’t plan to leave until he saw a real smile light up your face once more. It might be weeks before that happened; it might be years. But he wouldn’t leave your side until it did. Never again.

Phil CoulsonxReader: Guard
Part 42 of 160 of The Space Between Stars, my reader-insert one shot request booklet.

All prompts come from the 160 Collective Drabbles challenge by Elsaa on Lunaescence. And, by the way, you can request even here on dA. I always mark stuff so I know where the request came from.

I think I'd genuinely like this show if it was the adventures of Director May, Agent Incredibly Handsome Mackenzie, and his boyfriend, Fitz. Too bad about all those other characters getting in the way.

This one is more Phil-y, to make up for the last one really just having him be tangentially related to the plot. Spoilers for the ending of season 2 of Agents of SHIELD in this one as well, and some stuff in season 3 that you probably won't recognize unless you already have seen the show. 

In housekeeping details, I have added Deadpool and Digimon Adventure Tri to my fandoms list. 

Phil was requested the second time by Penumbra on Quotev.

Next up is Bilbo. The Hobbit and Martin Freeman? The internet hates me.
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Hello, lovely people! As I am sure you all have noticed, I am not good at making covers. Or artwork. Or any sort of visual piece to go along with a story. Usually I am content to just find a picture from the source material and put it on, but lately I’ve been thinking it might be fun to mix it up. So I’m holding a contest to see about getting some covers made by actual talented people! (That’s you.)

“But Straw!” you might be saying. “What might I win by participating?”

That is an excellent question, sir or ma’am, and to be honest I am not 100% sure how to go about doing this. Last time I held a contest, I only got three entries. I want to wait to announce how the prizes will be distributed until I see how much participation (if any) it will get. If I only get a few, I will give prizes out to the top three covers. If I get a lot of entries, I will give prizes to the selected winner of each category. However, no matter what the prizes will be:

  1. Your cover will be used for the story at any website I post them that uses covers (Quotev and Deviantart) with credit and a link to your account on whatever website you want credited on.
  2. You will get a one shot of at least 1000 words of whatever you want, so long as it’s a fandom I’m familiar with. That means you can ask for OCxCanon, OCxOC, CanonxCanon, self-insert, AU, literally whatever. The sky is the limit. You can even tell me what you want the story to be about!
There are only a few rules you are required to follow:
  1. I will only give out prizes for covers for the following stories:
      Adventures in a Realm Without Divorce Court Brightest Just a Myth Logical Fallacy Natasha Romanoff’s Matchmaking Service Oh My Dear Tastes a Little like Freedom, a Little like Fear
  2. One entry per person per story. You can submit one for each if you want, but no submitting three for one story.
  3. NO STOLEN ARTWORK. I don’t care if you draw the cover or photoshop it or anything like that. You can do whatever you want with the actual picture itself, but it must be yours. If I find out that you took the art from somewhere else on the internet without permission, then every entry you have will be disqualified. Obviously you can use stock images all you want, or official pictures from the original work itself—but don’t go snagging someone else’s drawing and slapping a title on at the top.
  4. All entries due by 7/1/2016.
That’s it! All you have to do is put something together, then post a link on this journal entry before 7/1/2016. I’ll try to announce the winners by 7/8/2016.

Thank you for your consideration!



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(Don't) Hold Your Breath
Fandom: The Last of Us
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Adventures in a Realm Without Divorce Court
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Fandom: Iron Man 2
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Challenge: N/A

Just a Myth
Fandom: Avengers; Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Avengers: Age of Ultron
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff/Reader; implied Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse
Main Song: I Am Not a Robot by Marina and the Diamonds
Challenge: A Perfect Love...

Logical Fallacy
Fandom: James Bond; Skyfall
Pairings: Q/Reader; Bond/Moneypenny
Main Song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
Challenge: 102 Things a Guy Should Know About Girls

Natasha Romanoff's Matchmaking Service
Fandom: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Pairings: Steve Rogers/Reader; past Brock Rumlow/Reader
Main Song: N/A
Fic Trade Prompt: Late-night Bonfire

One Small Step
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairings: Various/Reader
Main Song: N/A
Challenge: 120 Bits of Random

The Space Between Stars
Fandom: Request
Pairings: Request
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Challenge: 160 Collective Drabbles

Tastes a Little like Freedom, a Little like Fear
Fandom: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
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Challenge: 100 Drabble Adventure

Where Gods Do Fear to Tread
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Challenge: 9 Months

Coming Eventually
(If I can ever actually finish any of the above stories.)

Fandom: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Pairings: OC/Reader; Brock Rumlow/Reader
Main Song: TBA
Challenge: 20 Every Day Questions

To That Distant Future
Fandom: (Pre-)Captain America: The First Avenger
Pairings: Steve Rogers/Reader; Bucky Barnes/Reader
Main Song: TBA
Challenge: Childhood Memories

A Stab in the Dark
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Pairing: Nebula/Reader
Main Song: TBA
Challenge: NA/TBA

All That Glitters
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Polyamorous Peggy/Reader/Angie
Main Song: TBA
Challenge: Yuri For Every Occasion

Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader
Main Song: TBA
Challenge: Dont'd Tooch My Mommy!

To Win an Agent in 14 Days
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Clint/Reader; Tony/Natasha
Main Song: TBA
Challenge: To Win a Girl in ____ Days!

A Thing for the Villains
Fandom: MCU
Pairing: Various Villains/Reader
Main Song: NA
Challenge: Is It Love, Really?

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Rise-Of-Majora Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Can I Ask A Request? Can You Do A Peter Quill (From Guardians Of The Galaxy)  And Male Son Reader?
Im Even Giving To The Information Of Who Is Him If You Dont know Him

If You Cant, Sorry If I Bother You
TehStraw Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Student Writer
It's not a bother! I can certainly try it. I'll add it to my request booklet. The prompt will be "imagination." Thank you for requesting!
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Will there be any NatashaxReader fics soon?
TehStraw Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Student Writer
I don't know about soon, because that depends on your definition of soon. But I do intend to update Just a Myth eventually. Actually, I have most of the next chapter written, but it's really bad, so intend to get around to rewriting it eventually. And there will be one shots when I get back to my Avengers collection, too.
chelsea77xx89manga Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Okay that sounds great!
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Welcome to ReadersInc! We hope you enjoy the group!
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Happy Birthday! :D
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Why thank you!
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